229/2023- Senior Security Software Architect

Job description

Syone for the past couple of years has been investing in its Security and Privacy solutions. At this stage, we are on track with our road map for this area, achieving a ISO27001 certification and working with several clients, building teams therefore looking for professionals with different experiences to help us and be ahead in all our challenges.

We are present in different Security fronts that directly affect our clients' operations, seeking to assist them in their goals through a wide range of challenges and initiatives.

We're looking for a Senior Security Software Architect for our client in Belgium. 

The Company has developed an in-house Identity Provider to offer single sign-on services to the insurance community in Belgium. Practically, all users and broker offices are registered in a central directory with a sector-wide identification number, and, based on the digital certificate delivered by the company PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), they can log in once for the whole community. It means that the brokers can transparently connect to any insurance company even without noticing it.

To make this possible, our client had to develop a very customizable solution based on standards (SAML, OAuth, JWT) that can be interfaced with Identity Providers of the different insurers.

Your main responsabilities: 

  • Implement new features, together with the team, and progressively to take the ownership of the related projects.
  • Once these features will be delivered and rolled out, we’ll then replace the core Identity Provider service with a more standard one.


What do I need to bring:

  • 5+ years’ experience with .NET C# is a must, ability to understand C++ code is a plus.
  • Strong affinity and experience with authentication frameworks and systems such as OAuth, SAML, OpenID Connect.
  • Experience with development and securing of REST APIs.
  • Knowledge of browser internals such as HTML5 storage, process isolation, CORS.
  • Being confident with network protocols (no need to know all of them, but ready to read RFCs or similar specifications and extract relevant information for the project).
  • Affinity for development of software to be deployed on a PC.
  • Knowledge of cryptography common usages such as MS certificate store, JWT signing. 
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure public cloud platforms.
  • Hands-on knowledge of SQL databases.
  • A good knowledge of the RSA PKCS suite is a requirement as that is the general foundation of a lot of PKI concepts, protocols, … 
  • Deep understanding of cloud computing technologies and emerging computing trends
  • 2+ years of architecture, design, implementation, and/or support of highly distributed applications (i.e. having an architectural sense for ensuring availability, reliability, security, elasticity, etc).
  • You master English language + one of the national Belgian language (French or Dutch)

What can Syone offer me:

  • Integration in an organization with profound and sustained growth and involvement in pioneering projects with innovative technological solutions;
  • Strong IT training plans;
  • Professional evolution with intervention in ambitious technological projects, both national and internationally.