462/2022 - Service Manager

Job description

We are looking for a Service Manager to integrate a challenging project!

Your main Responsabilities:

      * Document, publish and communicate the process;

      * Define the Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the process;

      * Define the Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the process;

      * Support and be ultimately responsible for the design of the process (flows, narratives, templates);

      * Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the process;
      * Review the proposed changes to the process;
      *Provide input to the Service Improvement Plan;
      *Address any problems identified in the execution of the process;
      * Ensure training for all employees participating in the process and ensure that they are aware of their role in the process;
      * Ensure that the process, roles, responsibilities and associated documentation are annually reviewed and audited;
      * Ensuring that the process has allocated the necessary resources;
      * Ensuring that the process is being carried out as agreed and documented.
      * Check all submitted RFCs (Request for Change) (namely, priority review and request ranking);
      * Analyze and approve (if applicable) all RFCs and, if necessary, promote them for approval at a CAB (Change Advisory Board) meeting. Set an agenda and make RFCs available to CAB members prior to meetings to allow for prior consideration of them;
      * Define the stakeholders of the CAB meetings;
      * Send all Emergency RFCs to the ECAB;
      * Chair all CAB meetings;
      * Ensure coordination, testing and implementation of an RFC as scheduled;
      * Ensure records of the updated RFC with information on its progress, including any actions to correct problems and/or opportunities to improve the quality of the service;
      * Review all implemented RFCs to ensure they have achieved their objectives;
      * Review all RFCs awaiting consideration or implementation actions;
      * Review the RFC logs to determine any trends or potential issues;
      * Ensuring that only authorized changes are implemented;
      * Evaluate the feasibility of the Request, in order to support its approval;
      * Coordinate the preparation of the Amendment together with the teams involved in its implementation;
      * Update the RFC record with information on its progress;


What do I need to bring:

* Service Management
* Experience in the Change Management role
* Communication and reporting skills
* ITIL/ISO2000
* Ability to involve multidisciplinary teams
* Strong writing ability
* Proficiency in the English Language

What will be valued:

Banking/Insurance Area

* Knowledge from the user's point of view in:

        • Excel
        • PowerBI
        • PowerPoint
        • HPSM

What can Syone offer me?

* Integration in an organization with profound and sustained growth and involvement in pioneering projects with innovative technological solutions;

* Strong IT training plans;

* Professional evolution with intervention in ambitious technological projects, both national and internationally.