(Ref: 449/2020) - Project Manager - Cyber Security

Job description

We are looking for Project Manager Cyber Security!

The job profile will focus on the following main aspects:

  • Program management and monitoring;
  • Support to the fulfillment of Security requirements (review of evidence and redaction of maturity reports);
  • IT Security Knowledge.

Mission Description:

1. Program steering and follow-up

The main objective is to support program direction in the monitoring of the project’s progress in terms of delivery (and potentially budget).

In addition, the communication linked to the program and its associated change actions represent key success factors.

a) Deliverables: around program steering:

  • Steering committees organization and preparation;
  • Project follow-up consolidation (deliverables, milestones, dependencies, risks…);
  • Program documentation setup (project card, budget, progress…);
  • Program processes optimization (prioritization, review…).

b) Budget follow-up (optional)

  • Transformation budget and additional costs: In accordance with finance team and entities, you will track the project’s funding in order to reach program objectives:
    • Program budget dashboard;
    • Project’s expenses;
    • Finance validation and statements;
  • Moreover, will assist program direction in the budget definition for 2020.

2. Information Systems Security

The professional will have the mission to contribute to identify, assess, and implement team Group Security policies on IT Systems, including:

  • To ensure correct interpretation of multiple security requirements in different contexts in order to assess compliance and define the guidelines/action plans to meet the security standards across different IT systems;
  • To be able to provide security-related insights adequately to different stakeholders, including software development/test teams;

The categorization of cybersecurity activities is based on the cybersecurity model, built from the NIST repository. In this context, it is a question of industrializing the activities necessary for this self-assessment and the production of the proofs and pieces of evidence requested by the group, namely:

  • Accompaniment to the definition and inventory of deliverables/milestones contributing to the improvement of maturity ratings (weighting by evidence);
  • Integration of the approach within the project management process of Cyber ​​Security projects at team (awareness of project managers with the deliverability of the terms assessment, project charter containing the rating indicators, etc.) as well as on Wholesale;
  • Preparation of the collection and storage of results (processes and tools);
  • Sharepoint team power supply for the production of evidence.

Redaction of maturity reports: 

  • Documentation of recommendations to improve the effectiveness of self-evaluation and the production of evidence and evidence;
  • Self-Assessment and Evidence and Evidence Tracking Chart, which will be collected and stored in the team Sharepoint;
  • Assess projects on new matrices (1 change of matrix per year) with a review of evidence and notes;
  • Realization of mid-year and end-of-year assessments on the defined perimeter;
  • Writing the maturity report on CCC and its regions, and potentially on Wholesale entities.


What do I need to bring?

Technical Skills

  • Project Management Office
  • IT Security Knowledge
  • MS Office
  • Reporting

Soft Skills

  • Working professional proficiency in spoken English is mandatory;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work with teams in multiple geographical locations (Portugal/France/others regions);
  • Autonomy.

What will be valued?

  • Technical certifications.
  • Working professional proficiency in spoken French.

What can Syone offer me?

  • Integration in an organization with profound and sustained growth and involvement in pioneering projects with innovative technological solutions;
  • Strong IT training plans;
  • Professional evolution with intervention in ambitious technological projects, both national and internationally